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We work with dozen of partners in Cameroon, Europe and the USA. We also have countless representatives in the various regions of  Cameroon; whose  role is to identify the needs first hand, and allow us be in contact with those that face real challenges on a daily basis. Having partners simply makes our job more enjoyable. Indeed, as much as we desire to assist as many people as we possibly can, we cannot succeed on our own.Synergy is key in making impact in our nation. On the other hand, we strongly believe in creating avenues to generate finances to avoid having to always depend on aids. This is actually the same principles we seek to transfer to those we serve. Partner with us, and let us create those avenues.


Working with us will help you grow in discipline and sense of duty. Because at CTS we truly care for the needy;  We don’t just care about giving them an immediate relieve, but we focus mostly on their future. Therefore, it is a lifelong relationship that we build which is equally a lifelong reward that can never be traded for money.

We are truly working towards supporting our government in the effort to alleviate poverty and injustice within our communities. We need your expertise…



We are presently looking for Fields staffs, and consultants in the various departments Health, Agriculture, Fishery, Vocational training, Social issues, Domestic animals’ protection, Constructions, etc.


Send your proposals to:

Cameroon Total Surrender

P.O BOX 1292 Yaoundé-Cameroon


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